We have added 7 best Body Lotions for your Dry Skin which are now cheapest on online. You can checkout all the product and choose your favorite one.
1. Laikou, Gentle to Skin Nourishing Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Body Lotion, 300gm
  • It contains many kinds of plants essence
  • Can easily be absorbed by the skin
  • Improve skin water scarcity dry state
  • A classic romantic scent, Fragrant
  • Suitable for dry skin
2. Laikou, Snail Extract Body Lotion Moisturizing Body Moisturizer for Dry Skin, 250gm
  • Select high-quality raw materials every inch of the skin with care
  • Can repair the hair follicles, effectively repair the goosebumps, make skin elastic, smooth and tender
  • Has the very good moisturizing effect, lock the skin moisture not easily send out
  • Deeply nourish skin, prevent craze is dry, keep skin natural elasticity
  • Suitable for dry skin
3. Baimiss, Green Tea Deep Repair Moisturizing Soothing Whitening Body Lotion, 250ml
  • Fresh green tea fragrance, freshener scent
  • Contain green tea particle, be able to massage
  • Refreshing and non-greasy, keeping you away from grease
  • For body care in autumn and winter, effectively and densely care the skin with dry
  • Suitable for dry skin
4. IFZA, Rose Nourishing Whitening Moisturizing Firming Repair Acne Body Lotion, 300ml
  • Get solution for dry and dehydrated, rough skin, dull skin and lack of elasticity
  • Natural plant moisturizing ingredients rose extract light texture
  • Improve the dry and rough situations and replenish moisture for the skin
  • Use it after taking the bath
  • Suitable for dry skin
5. Shanghai, Moisturizing Skin Whitening Remove Melanin Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Body Lotions, 200gm
  • Non-greasy feel with fast absorbing formula
  • Contains healing micro-droplets of moisturizing glycerine and a soothing fragrance
  • This is a quick-absorbing formula giving the dry skin an immediate relief, leaving it moisturized and supple through the day
  • Best for dry and sensitive skin
6. Bioaqua, Deep Moisturizing Skin Whitening Hydrating Anti-Aging Nourishing Milk Body Lotion, 250gm
  • It will solved 8 fatal skin problems
  • Lock water and improve rough skin
  • It contains hydrolyzed milk protein, hyaluronan and shea butter
  • It sinks into skin to replace natural oils and replenish lost moisture
  • Suitable for dry skin
7. Images, Pearl Whitening Bleaching Pink Moisturizing Skin Care Body Lotion, 100gm
  • Whiten and brighten both face & body immediately
  • Hyaluronic acid added to moisturize your skin
  • Can be used alone or be mixed with foundation
  • Feature non-greasy texture
  • Not only whitens & brightens your skin, but also makes skin tone even
  • Suitable for dry skin